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Lyneo Switch Dimmers In AU. QB or QZ
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Sell Lyneo Switch Dimmers In AU. QB or QZ

Specification of Lyneo Switch Dimmers In AU. QB or QZ

Features Full family of products for most lighting sources including slide-to-off preset dimmers dimmers, with separate on/off button, the preset dimmers with separate on/off button with status light Slide up and down to change the light level Position of the slider indicates light level Mechanical switches to turn lights on/off LED status light Installs like a switch Preset models are suitable for multi-location control with standard switches Specifications 220-240V, 50 Hz CE approved Backbox with a depth of at least 35 mm recommended Maximum wattage 500 W, the minimum wattage 40W Precise colour consistency Thermal overload protection Voltage Compensation TRIAC based dimmers with leading edge capability




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